There are lots of ways you can get involved.

  • Help us fundraise! For our prison partners, it only takes $350 to help them start and maintain their gardens. Ask for contributions instead of gifts for a special occasion, organize an event on behalf of Harvest Now, give in the honor or memory of a loved one who loves/loved gardening. Any amount will help in our effort to promote gardening and provide fresh produce to underserved communities.      
  • Start your own garden and begin to donate your fresh produce to a local food bank or shelter! Whether starting a garden in your own backyard, with a neighbor, at a school, or within a community space, everyone is able to directly help in the effort to reduce food insecurity in the U.S. Contact your local food banks and shelters today to better understand their schedules and needs. 

Visit our Contact Page and send us a note if you or your organization are interested in working with us to fight hunger in your community!