Our mission is to alleviate hunger and improve health in underserved communities by creating strong and sustainable food systems, involving communities and correctional facilities, benefiting the wellbeing of both the grower and receiver of fresh produce.

In our cities and suburbs there are designated ‘food deserts’ where people live with extremely limited access to supermarkets, as well as living with extremely limited means to afford nutritious and fresh food. By providing the education and resources on a local level to create gardens and grow-to-donate programs, we aim to address the root causes of hunger.

Through partnering with the Department of Corrections and creating grow-to-donate gardens within correctional facilities, not only do we seek to create strong food systems and benefit local food banks and shelters, but to also improve the wellbeing of inmates by providing fresh food for their own cafeterias, training for post-release job opportunities, and a source of pride and therapeutic outlet while serving their time.


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By working with our partners and providing literal "seed funding" in the form of free seeds, Harvest Now proves that small investments can blossom in to huge returns with far-reaching benefits—for food banks and shelters, vulnerable communities and families, and inmates serving their time. Harvest Now is committed to building upon our success to help fight hunger and food insecurity across the U.S.